Scenarios för universitetsbibliotek

Den utmärkta bloggen Stephens Lighthouse tipsar om rapport från ARL med fyra framtida scenarios för universitets- och högskolebibliotek (pdf).

4 Very Different Futures Are Imagined for Research Libraries:

  • Scenario 1: Research Entrepreneurs
  • Scenario 2: Reuse and Recycle
  • Scenario 3: Disciplines in Charge
  • Scenario 4: Global Followers

“The four story lines do not try to lay out what libraries themselves will need to do to be relevant 20 years from now. Instead they seek to describe the broader research environment in which libraries’ “future users” might be operating. Libraries are encouraged to imagine how they might fit into that environment, said Karla Strieb, the association’s assistant executive director for transforming research libraries. The scenarios come with a long user’s guide and are meant to be used in a variety of ways, said Ms. Strieb. Those include organizing workshops and strategic-planning sessions along with more free-form exercises— “stretching your thinking and looking at the future differently,” she said, and “understanding the dynamics that are playing out around us.”



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